How To Control Your Lights By Thinking About It…

It’s a Saturday night. You are watching a movie. You turn it on, as you walk to your couch, you are very excited, you take your blankets and sit down, cuddled up, you completely forgot to turn off the light! You just sat down though. You say to yourself, I wish I could just think about it turning on and it would turn on. Don’t worry, we have all had those moments. We all also dislike them too.

Using just a headset connected to a computer, the headset will read your brain signals and translate them into commands for turning on and off a light. But before we get into the details, let me just quickly explain the main question.

Brain-Computer Interfaces is a technology which allows us to read and understand brain waves and transfer them into signals which a computer can understand.

This all started with a man named Hans Berger. In 1924 he discovered the concept of electrical activity of the human brain. Which then led him to discover one of the most revolutionary technology in the world. The development of Electroencephalography (EEG). If you know what EEG is, you might think that it is the headset itself. But it is actually the technology the headset uses to function. For those of you who don’t know what an EEG is, it is the technology that is used to measure human brain waves. It is basically the fundamental technology used in an EEG headset.

Hans Berger

But before we go any further, lets take a look at the main types of brainwaves!

40 Hz | Gamma waves | Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, and consciousness

13–39 Hz | Beta waves | Active, busy thinking, active processing , active concentration, arousal, and cognition

7–13 Hz | Alpha waves | Calm relaxed yet alert state

4–7 Hz | Theta waves | Deep meditation /relaxation, REM sleep

< 4 Hz | Delta waves | Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

These brain waves help determine what mood you are in. The EEG headset will send your brain wave information to the computer and then the algorithm will determine which mood you are in.

Depending on the type of mood you are in, you can program it to turn on when you are focused and turn off when you are relaxed

To control the lights with your brain, you will need to be wearing an EEG headset. This is the first step to be able to control the lights with your brain. The EEG will record your brain signals and transfer them to a computer. Using an algorithm, you can program the brain signals to turn on and off your light based on the level of concentration, or even if you hold your blink for a long time.

Brain Waves

Finally, you have to connect the headset with the lights that you want to control. Once it is set up, You can run the algorithm and when you wear the EEG headset, you can control the lights in your room!

Article Written By Arqish Minhas

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