September 4, 1927, a child was born in Boston Massachusetts. The boy was exceptionally intelligent and graduated high school 2 years early going into California Institute of Technology in 1944. The boy self-studied college math in his teens that were used in CalTech so when he got in, he skipped the first 2 years of math. He was suspended from CalTech for not attending the required Phys-Ed courses. He then served in the US Army and was readmitted, receiving a B.S. in mathematics in 1948. By 1951, he had graduated from CalTech and had a Ph.D. …

When we were very young, we always had a wild imagination. We always thought of ways to do things that would be considered impossible. For example, teleportation, becoming invisible, being immortal.

A lot of the time as we got older, our parents start explaining to us that whatever we had imagined to be possible, is not. It was all the work of our amazing, curious mind. As kids, we got devastated to hear this. …

It’s a Saturday night. You are watching a movie. You turn it on, as you walk to your couch, you are very excited, you take your blankets and sit down, cuddled up, you completely forgot to turn off the light! You just sat down though. You say to yourself, I wish I could just think about it turning on and it would turn on. Don’t worry, we have all had those moments. We all also dislike them too.

Humans are undoubtedly the most complex creatures of this world. At the same time, we are also the most important and valued creatures as well. Every one of almost 8 billion people in this world operate and are very different from each other. We all have lots of things in common, and lots of things different. For starters, what makes us the most intelligent and unique species, is not only are we the final product of evolution, we also have a very unique brain which has the potential to do so much.

You can think of the brain as the…

What’s Happening?

These days, a lot of crazy events and ideas are being born, good and bad. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are living through a challenging time in human history. As we are at home in quarantine, people will have a point in time where they do get bored. Now, what if I told you that while you are at home, or anywhere, you can control your friends, parents, siblings, or kids’ arm with your brain?! That’s right, with some cool technology, you can do this!

How Does This Work?

Let’s get straight into this! First of all, how does this work? Well, there is…


As many of you know, in the technological era we are living in, there are many new inventions and useful creations being tested and built all around the world. One of them, is Brain-Computer Interface, also known as, BCI. This isn’t a very recent invention, it was created a while back. However, it has recently caught the eye of the public and people are starting to create useful and very innovative machinery with it.

What is a Brain-Computer Interface?

Brain-Computer Interface is a way to read brain signals and put those signals in use to control a computer non-invasively. Well… that was the original thought…


Robotics is the new trend in this technological era. These days schools have added robotics to there curriculum to help kids learn programming and that sort of stuff. But anyway, I am here to tell you about the basic functions, what it takes for something to be a robot, and some cool robots that already exist. So without further ado let’s look at this cool stuff!

What the heck Is Robotics?

Definition wise it is, “the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots.”- oxford dictionary. In simple terms it’s basically how…

Arqish Minhas

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